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Searching for homeowner’s insurance? Here are 6 factors you need to consider

It’s good to check out a range of choices and possibilities when looking for homeowner’s insurance, but what factors do you need to consider before committing to a policy? Excess Accidental damage Alternative accommodation Legal cover Buildings and contents Valuable items With so many considerations, gaining a range of quotes can be both time consuming…
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What to consider before renewing your auto insurance

Normally, auto insurance policies renew after a 12-month term. Although it’s easy to let your insurance keep renewing each year, you may not be receiving the best coverage or paying the best price. Here are five things to consider before renewing your car insurance to ensure you get the best deal. The market value of…
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Choosing the right auto insurance coverage

Auto insurance is a great way to keep your finances safe when an accident occurs. That’s why it’s essential to pick the right coverage to protect yourself without spending too much. The right auto insurance coverage depends on your budget and needs. For instance, for you and your family’s safety, getting personal injury or personal…
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Don’t always pick the minimum auto insurance

Auto accidents can be very scary as well as very costly. Because of the high dollar amounts incurred after many accidents, consider buying higher-quality coverage when you are looking to insure your vehicle. Remember to always keep the proof of your auto insurance, which is provided by your agent when you purchase coverage, with you…
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Three questions about your homeowner’s insurance needs

If you are in need of homeowners insurance here in Aurora, Colorado, you may have a range of key requirements. Are you… + Shopping around for your first-ever homeowner’s insurance policy? + Looking for better coverage compared to what is offered in your current policy? + Aiming to save money on insurance – especially now…
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Getting your insurer to say yes!

Many famous artists and authors throughout time have experienced their fair share of rejection before an enlightened individual put their trust in them. We appreciate that the same feelings of frustration can be felt if you are turned down by one or more companies when trying to obtain auto insurance. Luckily, our team here at…
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A brief guide to car insurance quotes

An auto insurance quote is a rough estimate of your car’s insurance policy price based on the personal information you provide. Although each insurance company has its formula for calculating your car insurance quote, you’re required to provide the following data: Where you reside Your age Driving history Your car Many factors go into determining…
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4 reasons why your car insurance is so high

Is your car insurance high? If so, you aren’t alone. Statistics show that car insurance rates keep getting higher each year. Here are five reasons that can cause an increase in your premium rates. You keep getting speeding tickets and traffic violations. You are using your car more often, e.g. you drive to work daily.…
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DUI SR22 car insurance

How long do you need SR22 insurance in Colorado?

An SR22 document provides verification of financial responsibility. If you get pulled over for drinking and driving in Colorado, you will probably need to carry an SR22 for one to three years. High-risk drivers also need SR-22 insurance. The time frame for carrying the SR22 depends on why you received a license revocation or suspension.…
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Good driver car insurance discount

Tips for buying auto insurance for your teenager

Are you thinking of buying your teenager a car? If so, you’ll need to consider purchasing auto insurance for them. However, teenage auto insurance can be expensive since their lack of driving experience makes them high-risk drivers. Here are three tips that can help you find affordable auto insurance for your teenage driver. Don’t put…
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Factors to consider when choosing your auto insurance deductible

Your auto insurance deductible plays a big role in determining your premiums. For instance, a low deductible could mean higher premiums as it shows you’re a high-risk driver. Alternatively, choosing a higher deductible may not be a wise choice as paying it each time you file a claim can strain your budget. Here are some…
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Best car insurance in Aurora CO

Do you need insurance to rent a dumpster or moving truck?

Before a move, many people rent a roll-off dumpster to dispose of unwanted items or a truck to transport property to a storage unit or new home or office. It’s important to keep the following in mind when considering these types of rentals: – Some roll-off dumpster firms don’t make you pay for insurance. Instead,…
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