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Where to buy home insurance in Denver

Home window safety tips

Fall is fast approaching, and as the temperature gets colder, you may be tempted to open some windows in your home. Still, you want to remain safe, so please read over the following tips: • Make sure furniture is away from open windows, to prevent children and pets from climbing. • Try only to leave…
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need car insurance Affordable Insurance Denver

Does auto insurance cover headlights?

Headlights can cost a substantial amount of cash to replace, especially if they’re high-end HID or LED units. An auto insurer might pay the bill under certain circumstances: If a car accident destroys one or both lights and you have collision coverage, you can make a claim. The expense must exceed your deductible. When a…
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Just got a car Affordable Insurance Aurora

Managing your insurance: can you change your payment schedule?

You need reliable insurance – it’s a must. But you need to carefully consider your payment options, especially if you are having trouble keeping up with your payments or have an irregular flow of income. In these circumstances, changing when you pay could make the difference between paying on time or being late and chancing…
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DUI checkpoint car insurance

Finding auto-insurance for high-risk drivers

It can be extremely difficult and very expensive to find auto insurance if you are seen as a high-risk driver. This category includes a range of factors such as SR22 situations (also sometimes known as a ‘certificate of insurance’ or a ‘financial responsibility filing’); or after DUIs; license suspensions; accidents; and from receiving either multiple…
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need affordable motorcycle insurance

Why comprehensive motorcycle insurance is the right way to go

Insurance requirements in the state of Colorado will protect you and your bike in the event of collision, damage, or theft. However, it can sometimes be difficult to calculate exactly how much coverage you need. When you opt for a comprehensive motorcycle policy, you are protecting yourself, your bike, and any passengers that ride with…
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homeowners insurance

Three ways to save money on home insurance

Many homeowners don’t realize that they can save money on their insurance premiums through a variety of special discounts. They only need to make a few home and policy changes to take advantage of these discounts. Consider the following ways to save money: – Safety additions: Any type of security improvements that reduce the risk…
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cheap Motorcycle Insurance

What are the motorcycle insurance requirements in Colorado?

Colorado is a motorcycle rider’s paradise. Our beautiful state features expansive open roads and stunning natural beauty including four National Parks. One can spend a lifetime riding through Colorado’s vast landscape. And our motorcycle insurance laws aim to protect you and other riders as you blaze new trails. This focus on safety and responsibility is…
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Car insurance Affordable Insurance Denver

3 tips for choosing auto insurance

Choosing auto insurance can be an overwhelming task given the number of available options out there today. First, decide between limited and full tort coverage, which essentially means you’re deciding how much can be financially recovered after an accident. Second, while minimum coverage limits certainly are the more affordable options, their usefulness can be narrow…
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Home insurance claims

Will Homeowner’s Insurance Pay if I Get Hurt at Home?

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers property damage and personal injury caused by you or members of your household. If a guest is hurt due to the condition of the property, you could be sued for negligence. Personal liability is the part of your homeowner’s insurance that covers damages for bodily injury or property damage. Your homeowner’s…
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flood damaged cars

Will car insurance cover flood damage?

Severe flooding has been known to strike certain parts of Colorado on occasion. It badly damages vehicles and may even destroy their engines. If this happens, can you rely on an insurer to pay the bills? Unfortunately, basic liability and collision policies normally don’t cover flood-related harm. On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance usually…
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multiple car discount car insurance

Do you need auto insurance to test-drive a car?

When you test-drive a car in Colorado, don’t forget that it can be somewhat more risky to operate an unfamiliar vehicle. An accident could occur at any moment, so adequate insurance is crucial. The dealership or private seller’s policy will probably cover you. On the other hand, you need separate insurance if you sign a…
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Need car insurance

Understanding the Point System and Penalties For Driving Laws in Colorado

Before you get behind the wheel of a car or the handlebars of a motorcycle, it’s essential you become familiar with Colorado’s Point System. Affordable Insurance in Aurora, Colorado has everything you need to know about the penalties associated with violating Colorado traffic laws and how they may be applied to you. Every driver in…
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