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Best car insurance in Aurora CO

Do you need renter’s insurance?

Do you need renter’s insurance? If you rent your residence, the answer is a resounding “yes”. You no doubt have personal property in your rented home. Renter’s insurance covers that. Furthermore, your landlord may even require it in some states. It also provides liability coverage, generally up to or over $100,000. If you’re away from…
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Good driver car insurance discount

Required Car Insurance in Colorado

Evert state’s regulations are different on exactly what is mandatory for car insurance. Car owners in Colorado are required to carry the following in liability coverage in order to legally operate the vehicle on Colorado roadways: Bodily injury or death coverage of $25,000 for any one person involved in an accident; Bodily injury or death…
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Car Insurance Affordable Insurance Aurora CO

Do any of these car insurance problems apply to you?

There can be a variety of reasons why you might find it difficult to obtain car insurance coverage at an affordable price. Ask yourself the following questions… Has your license ever been suspended? Have you been convicted of multiple moving violations? Do you have a record of receiving speeding tickets? Have you been involved in…
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Best car insurance in Aurora CO

Have you let your home insurance lapse?

We’re going through stressful times. This can mean important actions, such as renewing home insurance, can be neglected. Financial shortages can lead to this being seen as less of a priority. However, with winter arriving, the deteriorating weather conditions are just one reason why home insurance is so vital. Damage to your property is increasingly…
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homeowners insurance

Two little-known reasons for a home damage claim denial

Most homeowners understand that insurance companies don’t cover damage caused by normal wear and tear and natural aging of structural materials. Yet, you might not have realized that the following can also result in a denial: Waiting too long to submit the claim Insurance companies require that you file your claim and initial statement within…
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Does my dog need car insurance

What happens if you are caught driving without insurance?

In the majority of states, you are required to have auto insurance when you drive. If you are caught driving without insurance you can face a fine, a suspended license, time in jail, or some combination of the three. If you find yourself in an accident and do not have insurance, you may be liable…
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Need car insurance

Why Is Liability Auto Insurance Required?

Liability insurance is a required part of auto insurance policies because it is mandated by law. This is because many car accidents may involve serious injury or costly property damage or both. If you are at fault, then you are liable by law to pay for the damages. That’s where liability insurance comes in, to…
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need car insurance Affordable Insurance Denver

We treat you like an individual

Nowadays, people seem to be instantly categorized, rather than being treated as an individual. This is why it can be difficult to organize auto insurance. If you are simply seen as one of the people who are assessed as ‘high risk’ or ‘those who have had their license suspended’ then many insurers simply walk away.…
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Home insurance claims

Reasons an insurer might deny your replacement roof claim

Insurance companies typically only replace roofs if a natural or man-made accidental event caused severe damage. Insurers deny claims for the following reasons: The damage is from deterioration related to natural aging and wear-and-tear. You failed to provide proof that you appropriately maintained your roof every year via inspections and repairs. You didn’t inform your…
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Multi car insurance discount

Your car insurance dropped you, now what?

If you fail to pay your premium, make unapproved modifications, or get involved in fraud, your insurance provider may drop you. However, driving around without insurance coverage is illegal, and if you get involved in an accident, you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for damages. Luckily, you can apply for auto insurance coverage again if your…
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car accident car insurance

Understanding liability

Auto insurance generally comes as a package of protections. One part of the package, required by most states, is liability insurance. What exactly is this? If you are responsible or cause an accident while driving, you may be required to pay for or, in legal terms, be “liable” for damages. If an accident occurs, you…
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Car insurance

Car insurance is more than paying premiums

When you purchase car insurance, you’re required by your insurance provider to pay a premium for your policy. However, auto insurance is more than simply paying your premiums. It involves careful selection of the right policy to guarantee coverage in case of an accident or theft. For instance, if you solely choose collision insurance, don’t…
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