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DUI SR22 car insurance

Seeking affordable SR22 high-risk auto insurance?

We know there are a range of reasons why finding auto insurance can be difficult and hugely expensive for high-risk drivers. Key problematical factors can include previous license suspensions, an accumulation of speeding tickets or moving vehicle violations, accidents, DUIs and the like. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find auto insurance at a…
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home owners insurance Denver

The best time to buy home insurance

Does it really matter when you renew or buy your home insurance policy? The answer is yes! The best time to shop for a new insurance policy depends on the reasons you’re wanting to switch and your current policy. You should always look to switch once you receive your renewal documents. There are a couple…
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New motorcycle insurance

Tips For First Time Motorcycle Insurance Buyers

It can be intimidating to buy motorcycle insurance for the first time. You may be wondering about the ins and outs of it. Following certain tips will make the process easier. One tip is to keep in mind how much your motorcycle is worth when shopping for insurance. By purchasing collision and comprehensive insurance, you…
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Motorcycle insurance Affordable Insurance, Aurora CO

Factors that determine motorcycle insurance rates

Motorcycle insurance rates vary depending on various factors. Below are the main things that your insurance company will consider when determining your premiums. Your age Your age plays a significant role in determining your premiums. Statistics show that younger riders (those aged between 17-25) are more likely to get involved in an accident. Therefore, if…
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cheap Motorcycle Insurance

Does motorcycle insurance cover theft?

Does motorcycle insurance cover theft? This is a popular question asked by many motorcyclists. A direct answer to this question is YES: motorcycle insurance covers theft. However, it depends on the policy that you have chosen. Most comprehensive insurance policies usually cover motorcycle theft regardless of where the robbery happened. Additionally, a comprehensive plan also…
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Car Insurance Affordable Insurance Aurora CO

Why you want a certificate of insurance

A certificate of insurance is proof of liability coverage that is provided for a certificate holder. This is created by your insurance company or agent and it will list your basic liability limits. The certificate holder is often a leasing company or landlord. They require this certificate because if you don’t have the right insurance…
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New driver Affordable Insurance Denver

How Much Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Knowing how much coverage you need for insurance of any type is key to recovering after an accident. Whether home or auto, you will need coverage that will enable you to not only replace your insured items but to help get back on your feet as well. Unexpected expenses such as work time lost due…
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Where to buy home insurance in Denver

Home window safety tips

Fall is fast approaching, and as the temperature gets colder, you may be tempted to open some windows in your home. Still, you want to remain safe, so please read over the following tips: • Make sure furniture is away from open windows, to prevent children and pets from climbing. • Try only to leave…
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need car insurance Affordable Insurance Denver

Does auto insurance cover headlights?

Headlights can cost a substantial amount of cash to replace, especially if they’re high-end HID or LED units. An auto insurer might pay the bill under certain circumstances: If a car accident destroys one or both lights and you have collision coverage, you can make a claim. The expense must exceed your deductible. When a…
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Just got a car Affordable Insurance Aurora

Managing your insurance: can you change your payment schedule?

You need reliable insurance – it’s a must. But you need to carefully consider your payment options, especially if you are having trouble keeping up with your payments or have an irregular flow of income. In these circumstances, changing when you pay could make the difference between paying on time or being late and chancing…
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DUI checkpoint car insurance

Finding auto-insurance for high-risk drivers

It can be extremely difficult and very expensive to find auto insurance if you are seen as a high-risk driver. This category includes a range of factors such as SR22 situations (also sometimes known as a ‘certificate of insurance’ or a ‘financial responsibility filing’); or after DUIs; license suspensions; accidents; and from receiving either multiple…
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need affordable motorcycle insurance

Why comprehensive motorcycle insurance is the right way to go

Insurance requirements in the state of Colorado will protect you and your bike in the event of collision, damage, or theft. However, it can sometimes be difficult to calculate exactly how much coverage you need. When you opt for a comprehensive motorcycle policy, you are protecting yourself, your bike, and any passengers that ride with…
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