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Car insurance coverage

Why have car insurance

Car insurance is a necessity for any car owner. It provides you with coverage in case of an accident or injuries caused to the occupants of the car. As a car owner, you can also opt to go for a high-risk RS22, which helps out drivers with multiple speeding tickets or DUIs. The following are…
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need affordable motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance in Aurora

Looking for motorcycle insurance just got easier! At Affordable Insurance we will insure you with motorcycle insurance. We will find you the very best rate and coverage and send you on your way insured in Aurora. At Affordable Insurance, we will make sure you get the motorcycle insurance you need to be a safe driver…
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car accident car insurance

Affordable car insurance in Aurora

Affordable Insurance has the auto insurance you have been looking for in Aurora. At Affordable Insurance we provide auto insurance for everyone who has a difficult time finding it. High risk, SR-22, DUI’s, accidents, suspensions, multiple tickets, no previous insurance, these are all reasons our clients are able to find auto insurance with Affordable Insurance.…
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Motorcycle insurance Affordable Insurance, Aurora CO

Affordable motorcycle insurance

At Affordable Insurance, we will make sure you get the motorcycle insurance you need to be a safe driver in Colorado. We believe that everyone is entitled to insurance and not at exorbitant rates either. That is why you can trust Affordable Insurance to find you the right insurance at the right price in Aurora.…
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Will car insurance cover my accident

In an accident, stay calm

Accidents are a scary part of every road enthusiast, whether you are driving a car or a motorcycle. Therefore, in such a state of confusion, it is imperative to have a plan already set in place. This ensures that if you are involved in an accident, you will have an idea of how to deal…
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DUI SR22 car insurance

SR22 requirements

An SR22 document provides verification of financial responsibility. If you get pulled over for drinking and driving in Colorado, you will probably need to carry an SR22 for one to three years. High-risk drivers also need SR-22 insurance. The time frame for carrying the SR22 depends on why you received a license revocation or suspension.…
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young driver car insurance

Teenager car insurance

Are you thinking of buying your teenager a car? If so, you’ll need to consider purchasing auto insurance for them. However, teenage auto insurance can be expensive since their lack of driving experience makes them high-risk drivers. Here are three tips that can help you find affordable auto insurance for your teenage driver. Don’t put…
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homeowners insurance

Home owners insurance tips

Protecting your home doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Here are a few ways to lower the costs: Assess your home value properly. The land your house is built on isn’t at risk from theft, fires, etc.. Make sure to consider the value of the at-risk aspects of your property. Get your auto and home…
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Does my dog need car insurance

Insuring high risk drivers

If you are, then it can seem an almost impossible task to find the coverage you need at a price that you have even a chance of affording. There can be a variety of circumstances which have led to your being considered a high risk driver. These include… Being involved in one or more auto…
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bundle insurance

Your neighborhood insurance agent

At Affordable Insurance, we recognize that some people consider insurance agencies no longer necessary for affordable insurance and high-quality coverage because of modern technological and communication advances. Non-local companies insist that consumers can receive the same care and consideration as they would through an in-person agent when seeking answers and submitting claims over the phone…
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Does car insurance cover flooded car

Types of car insurance coverage

As a new car owner, it’s essential to understand the various types of auto coverage. The available coverage options protect you, your car, and passengers in case of an accident. Here are the different types of car coverage. Liability coverage: covers damages to another person or their property. Comprehensive coverage: protects cars from vandalism or…
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