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car accident car insurance

Auto insurance claim do’s

An auto insurance claim is a formal request made to your insurance provider to compensate for damages caused during an accident. However, many car owners don’t understand how car insurance claims work, resulting in mistakes that affect their premiums. Here are some auto insurance claims do’s that can help you stay on top of your…
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Lightning strike home insurance

Why homeowner’s insurance is so important right now

We know that times are tough at the moment – and that this could persist for a while. If money is also tight, then you may be looking at your outgoings and wondering where savings could be made. Those payments you make where you don’t see an immediate return can be an easy target. Some…
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bundle insurance

Three reasons you might find it awkward to get insurance

If you are looking for affordable insurance, whether for your car or home, it can be easy to be discouraged by some initial setbacks. These can include: Not having home insurance before, so no history Previous driving problems such as suspensions Being refused by other insurance companies It can be easy to feel defeated –…
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DUI SR22 car insurance

Is it possible to get affordable SR22 auto insurance?

This is a question our team are often asked. The query can frequently be phrased as if expecting a negative outcome: ‘I don’t suppose that…’, ‘I guess you won’t be able to help but…’ With expert help, your chances of obtaining the insurance you require are better than you might initially imagine. There may be…
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homeowners insurance

What is “dwelling coverage” on homeowner’s insurance?

A home insurance policy has many parts, and one important section is the “dwelling” coverage. Also known as “Coverage A,” this is the part of your policy that relates to home repair or rebuilding costs if your home is destroyed or damaged in a covered event such as fire, lightning, wind or hail. Your dwelling…
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Need car insurance

Driving tips that help reduce claims and premium increases

Some people forget that the ability to drive is a privilege and not a right. Risky behaviors on the road often result in accidents that harm not only drivers, but also passengers, pedestrians, pets, wild animals and property. Risky behaviors also increase the cost of your insurance. What do we consider risky? – Looking away…
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car insurance savings Aurora

It’s time to receive an action-based premium discount!

At Affordable Insurance, we know that home, business and car owners in Aurora are budget-minded folks. After all, an emergency that causes extreme money stress can happen at any moment. To help our clients, we always try to find the best possible premium rates for their policies. We also know that policyholders who seek action-based…
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Good driver car insurance discount

How to protect yourself from auto insurance fraud

Car insurance fraud affects almost every policyholder, and it ranges from providing false information to get lower premiums to staging car accidents for false injury claims. Unfortunately, crime gangs can carry out auto insurance fraud without your knowledge. Here are some ways you can protect yourself from car insurance fraud. Exchange contact details with the…
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new car insurance

How to choose the right liability coverage amount for your auto insurance

Choosing an auto insurance policy can be overwhelming. Between premiums, deductibles, and specific coverage options, you may not be sure where to start. One important consideration is that you and your assets are protected in the event of an accident. If the vehicle you are driving causes an accident, you may be liable for the…
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Will car insurance cover my accident

Should you raise your auto insurance deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money that you (the car owner) are willing to cover upfront in case you file a claim. The lower your deductible, the higher your premiums will be since it shows you choose to accept less risk for your policy. To understand how this works, you need to know how…
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need car insurance Affordable Insurance Denver

Common mistakes to avoid when buying car insurance

It’s essential to have a decent auto insurance policy if you want the best coverage and affordable premium rates. However, you may make some mistakes when purchasing car insurance that may affect your claims process. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when getting auto insurance. Only buying minimum coverage Providing false information, e.g. about…
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car insurance savings Aurora

Are you finding it difficult to arrange auto insurance?

There can be a whole heap of reasons why people can find it difficult to secure affordable auto insurance. This might be due to previous problems such as DUI or license suspensions. It’s possible, for a wide range of reasons, that many auto insurance companies simply refuse to offer you a policy. It might even…
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