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Eight tips to help you find cheap auto insurance in Denver

It can be tricky to find cheap auto insurance, but our experts have compiled eight useful tips to help you save money. 1. Consider bundling your insurance policies to possibly save $100 per year. 2. Teen drivers and new drivers often pay higher rates because they lack experience, but rates should drop by 7.7% when…
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Is my car rental covered by my auto insurance policy?

Car rental insurance depends on several factors. The details of your policy. Not all policies cover rental cars, although many do. The purpose of the rental. Very few policies cover rentals for business purposes. Location of rental. Out of state and international travel may not be covered. Insurance needs. Even policies with rental car provisions…
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Need High-Risk or SR-22 Auto Insurance?

Every state requires some sort of liability-based car insurance; however, due to past history, some drivers can’t even acquire the bare minimum and need what is known as high-risk auto insurance. Teenagers, generally considered reckless, and older drivers, who have slower reflexes and worsening eyesight, are both serious contenders for considering high-risk auto insurance. If…
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How to Find Affordable Motorcycle Insurance in Colorado

In the U.S, the risk of a fatal accident for motorcyclists is 28 times higher than that of passenger cars. This creates the need to have insurance cover that goes above and beyond the basic liability insurance. How can you find affordable motorcycle insurance and what are the state requirements in Colorado? State Requirements Just…
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Do I Need High-Risk Car Insurance?

Whether you’ve had a serious accident or DUI, you may need high-risk car insurance. Luckily, Affordable Insurance caters to all types of drivers across Aurora and Denver. We understand that every driver is unique, and the best insurance plan for one driver may not suit the needs of another. Whether an experienced driver with a…
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Ensure the Best Price: A Guide to Hiring the Right Car Insurance Agent

2018: In a shopping center in the rural Midwest, a shopper was walking across the parking lot after exiting a store. A kind driver stopped and motioned her to cross in front of his vehicle. As she did, another vehicle behind the kind stranger couldn’t stand the delay and went around, hitting the pedestrian with his vehicle. Her…
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Take Better Care of Your Car, Get the Best Car Insurance Rates

Preventing breakdowns and auto accidents, as well as qualifying for the best car insurance rates, not only require safe driving habits but proper maintenance of the vehicle you drive. While Affordable Insurance in Aurora provides a reliable safety net in the event that things go wrong, we strive to educate our customers on being responsible drivers and…
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Do I Need More Insurance Coverage During the Winter?

At Affordable Insurance in Aurora, we sometimes see customers increase their insurance coverage during the winter. The thought is that winter conditions are much more hazardous for driving than summer. However, according to studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most road accident fatalities occur during the summertime. Yes, even though snow and ice on…
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5 Reasons Why You’re Paying High Car Insurance Rates

At Affordable Insurance, one of the most common reasons customers come to us is because they feel they are paying high car insurance rates. Whether they have a DUI, poor credit or any of the other reasons listed here, we aim to give customers insurance that best protects them at a cost they can afford. Here…
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What Are the Top 10 Car Insurance Claims?

If another driver has rear-ended your vehicle or you’ve been stuck out in one of Colorado’s infamous hail storms, your incident made our list of top 10 car insurance claims. At Affordable Insurance of Aurora, we know that on-average drivers will be involved in a road accident once every six years. The majority of these are…
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Auto Insurance Prices for Teens

Getting a license and driving independently for the first time are exciting and momentous steps for any teenager. However, auto insurance prices for teens present a real challenge. At Affordable Insurance, we can provide all the answers on what to look for, how to get better rates, and of course, we offer great coverage for…
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What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

For newly licensed drivers, it can be difficult to understand auto insurance basics. The technical jargon used to describe auto insurance policies can be very confusing! So, our experts at Affordable Insurance have put together a guide focused on what you need to know about auto insurance. Whether you’re a new driver or simply want…
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