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Auto insurance 101: common questions

Many drivers have limited knowledge about auto insurance when they set up their policies. Parents often make insurance arrangements for teenagers. Some adults only focus on the main coverage points and premium savings. These drivers eventually start asking questions:

Why do my personal demographics matter so much?

Teens usually exhibit riskier driving behaviors than older adults. Women typically have fewer accidents than men. Certain geographic regions have high accident-causing traffic congestion, auto-related theft, and general crime.

Do you charge me more if my vehicle is a certain color?

Although some colors are associated with certain types of risky drivers, auto insurance companies care more about other factors. For example, certain makes and models often associated with high-risk driving behaviors cost more to repair and attract thieves.

Is gap insurance for my leased vehicle necessary?

All vehicles depreciate over time. Gap insurance can help a driver who feels that they won’t have the extra funds necessary after theft or total loss to cover the difference between their remaining lease payments and their vehicle’s estimated worth.

At Affordable Insurance, our team tries to dispel insurance-related confusion and make it easier for our Aurora clients to make informed decisions. Contact us any time you have additional questions or want to discuss your policy.

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