Being classified as a high-risk driver can in some cases mean that you need an SR-22 filing with your insurance plan. This notifies the state that you have gotten insurance appropriate to your driving situation.  Many companies charge more for high-risk insurance and SR-22 filing, but that doesn’t mean your premiums have to be outrageous.

We can find you excellent, cheap SR-22 insurance in Aurora so that you can have your legal bases covered completely without paying unreasonable rates.  We’ll look at the specific details of your driving record and why you have to file an SR-22 in order to find the plan that gives you the coverage that you need at the best possible rate.  Affordable Insuranceprides ourself on our excellent customer service, so you can be sure that when you need us, you will get in touch with a friendly, well informed, helpful representative who will work with you whether you are calling to find an insurance plan or to report an accident. 
We offer same day coverage as well as the best rates on the auto insurance coverage that you need, so call or visit our website to get your free rate estimate for your SR-22 filing. 

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