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Do you need insurance to rent a dumpster or moving truck?

Before a move, many people rent a roll-off dumpster to dispose of unwanted items or a truck to transport property to a storage unit or new home or office. It’s important to keep the following in mind when considering these types of rentals:

– Some roll-off dumpster firms don’t make you pay for insurance. Instead, they charge a damage fee. That said, they might offer coverage included in the cost of the rental or make you pay for separate coverage from their chosen insurance company.

– A moving truck company typically offers one or more tiers of insurance coverage. They might require that you pay for the lowest tier before you can rent a truck. You might have to pay a fee for separate roadside services like lockout and towing.

– Your existing home or vehicle insurance policies might provide you with additional coverage. It’s always wise to check with your agent before renting to discuss your coverage.

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