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Driving tips that help reduce claims and premium increases

Some people forget that the ability to drive is a privilege and not a right. Risky behaviors on the road often result in accidents that harm not only drivers, but also passengers, pedestrians, pets, wild animals and property. Risky behaviors also increase the cost of your insurance. What do we consider risky?

– Looking away from the road for even a second…

Never look away to fiddle with the radio, answer a phone call or talk to a passenger.

– Talking on a phone held up to your ear…

Always use an earbud and keep both hands on the wheel as much as possible.

– Eating or drinking while driving…

Always eat and drink before and after driving even if you’re only eating candy or a snack since spills can cause loss of focus.

– Blasting music at any time of day or night…

Never drown out external emergency sounds like car horns and ambulance or police sirens.

At Affordable Insurance, we want every client to live a long and happy life. These tips might seem like common sense tips, but far too many rushing drivers ignore their safety and that of others by taking these types of chances. For more tips and information about how your premium might increase after a risky behavior accident, contact us today.

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