Multiple or serious traffic offenses on your driving record can cause you to be classified as high risk by car insurance companies, making it harder to find the coverage that you need at reasonable prices. We can find you high-risk driver insurance coverage in Aurora that you can afford, and that provides you the protection that you want.  

Being properly insured is a legal requirement as well as a financial necessity, and Affordable Insurance can get you covered the same day that you contact us, even if you have a problematic driving record. Driving without insurance can carry hefty fines, and cause you serious financial trouble if you are in an accident, so that’s a risk you don not want to take.  Because we work with a variety of insurers in Colorado, we have the chance to comparison shop for you direct with the companies offering coverage, and can find the very best deal for your specific needs. 
Being labeled a high-risk driver doesn’t have to mean that your premiums are sky high, and Affordable is here for you to help you to make sure that you aren’t paying too much for your insurance because of your risk status. 

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