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How to Complete Our Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Many car owners (novice or seasoned) get butterflies when thinking about switching to a new insurance provider. In fact, some insurance providers are known for selling clientele information or making the process extremely difficult for the car owner. We at Affordable Insurance believe that everyone should have the ability to get insurance, and further, we believe that it shouldn’t be a hassle to get just a simple quote. That is why we’ve added an online auto insurance quote machine to our website. This post is a guide through the steps, so you can know what to expect and what is needed before you head over there.


After filling out your first and last name, and your email address (none of which is shared with third parties)—you’ll have the opportunity to fill out what kind of insurance type you want to get a quote for. The options are home, auto, life, and health. For our purposes, we’ll go through the process for auto quotes.


Next, you’ll be asked more information about yourself, including gender, marital status, occupation, and birth date. You’ll also be asked state information, which includes your current driver’s license number and state, as well as your social security number. We know that giving away a social security number can feel troubling or be hard for some people—and so this field is optional in our quote machine. Simply leave the field empty, and after the application is finished, one of our trusted insurance agents will contact you to discuss your options further. On the other hand, if you choose to enter your social security number, you can rest easy knowing that your information is encrypted and confidential.


Then, you’ll be asked about your address and the amount of time you’ve stayed at that address. This knowledge helps us in various ways, including verifying that you are whom you claim to be. Indeed, this is one way we protect our clientele, and it is an easy process.


After that, you’ll be asked if there are any other secondary drivers to add to the policy. This is where you’d want to add your spouse, children, and other family members who need auto insurance to drive your car. Just as before in the applicant section, you’ll be asked about their information; their name, gender, marital status, occupation, and birthday. They will also need to enter their license number and state, along with their social security. However, they also do not need to enter their SSN because they can speak with the attending agent after the application is completed.


This next part is where planning ahead will help your process significantly. You have the option to enter a VIN number at the top of the page or enter the information manually. If this is your first time using our system, we recommend entering the information yourself to correct it. You’ll need to know some basics and some specifics about your vehicle. Including:

  • Type
  • Year
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Vin Prefix

You’ll also need to consider what the vehicle is commonly used for, the registration state, the vehicle’s primary driver, the average one-way commute miles, and the number of days it is driven each week. All of this will help us to give you the best cost-effective options for your needs.


Almost done, and within this page, you’ll be asked about your desired coverage plan, the start of your plan date, your current carrier (if you have one), and your annual payments to them. The three options for coverage policies are state minimum, average, and full. The state minimum will be the most cost-effective option; however, it covers very few options and is generally just enough to drive the vehicle on the road. Our average coverage covers more incidents but also costs more money. Most first-time insurance owners like to pick this one because it covers more than the minimum but doesn’t cost the same as the full coverage. Lastly, full coverage covers everything possible that insurance companies can claim—but it is a high costing choice for most people. You should also make sure that your’ coverage begins’ date is either as soon as your car is registered or the day after your current insurance expires. Don’t give any gap days to your insurance.


That’s it! Give all of the information once (or twice) over to check that everything is correct and hit your confirmation. We will then reach out to you with your custom quote.

Of course, if there is any part that you don’t understand or don’t want to fill out, feel free to give us a call or email our representatives to help. And in the meantime, if you’d like to read more about us or insurance, feel free to explore our blog.

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