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It’s time to receive an action-based premium discount!

At Affordable Insurance, we know that home, business and car owners in Aurora are budget-minded folks. After all, an emergency that causes extreme money stress can happen at any moment. To help our clients, we always try to find the best possible premium rates for their policies. We also know that policyholders who seek action-based discounts are less risky than those who don’t care about saving money. Earned discounts are a win-win for everyone:

Bundled Services: When you take out more than one plan, you save money both with the bundled discount that we offer and also with the time you save dealing with only one agent. During one or more hectic, stressful emergencies, a single agent is far better at quickly and efficiently helping you than multiple ones.

Home/Office: When you improve the value of your home or protect it in ways that lower the types of risk that can result in high claims, you increase the opportunity to receive discounts. General renovations, green construction, smart technologies and security upgrades often result in discounts.

Auto/Motorcycle: It goes without saying, we look for discounts for drivers who do everything they can to drive safely, such as perform regular maintenance on their vehicles or brush up on their skills in driving classes. We also care about the environment and provide discounts for green upgrades.

Contact us today for more information about these and other great premium discounts!

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