Teens Shopping for Auto InsuranceGetting a license and driving independently for the first time are exciting and momentous steps for any teenager. However, teens shopping for auto insurance are going to face an uphill climb before they’re able to get behind the wheel. At Affordable Insurance, we provide all the answers on what to look for, how to get better rates, and of course, we offer great coverage for teens shopping for auto insurance.

So, what’s the big deal? Unfortunately, teenagers are categorized as the most high-risk drivers and thus the most expensive group to insure. Teenagers have the highest incidence of driving offenses, collisions, and the costliest accidents. These statistics are probably due to lack of experience and overconfidence.

As each birthday passes, teenagers will see that their premium goes down in cost. For those on a tight budget, we have collected some useful advice on getting the most for your money.

Teens shopping for auto insurance can instantly reduce costs by getting added to a parent’s insurance plan. Most insurance providers will offer this option, especially if the teenager is going to be driving a car owned by the parent. This option can literally save you hundreds of dollars compared to taking out an individual policy for a young driver.

Another easy way for teenagers to get discounts on their auto insurance is to make sure they take an optional driver safety course. First-time drivers are required to log 50 hours of practice with an experienced driver. However, a formal driver’s training course or additional safety classes can earn a teen up to 10% off their premium.

Most insurance providers will also offer discounts to teenage drivers that maintain good grades. Keeping test scores at or above a ‘B’ average can translate to a discount of up to 25%.

The type of vehicle a teen drives can also have a big impact on the price of insurance. For example, the insurance rates on a high-performance sports car are always set at a more expensive rate than a car with a great safety rating. Expensive and specialized cars that require costly repairs simply cost more to insure. A safe, reliable, and less flashy option will certainly bring down the rate.

Finally, the biggest factor affecting teens shopping for auto insurance is their driving record. Young drivers are harshly penalized with skyrocketing premiums if they receive driving penalties, DUIs, or cause accidents. A single DUI charge can double a teenager’s auto insurance premium and multiple offenses can lead to the insurer refusing to renew a policy. Safe driving keeps insurance costs low, period.

Teens shopping for auto insurance are in for a big surprise when it comes to cost. Luckily, there are a number of options, from piggy-backing on a parent’s policy to maintaining good grades and a clean driving record, to make things more affordable. Most importantly, give us a call at Affordable Insurance. We’ll find the best possible rates and the best possible coverage. Let us help your teen enjoy their new freedom while providing you with peace of mind. Call or contact us today for a quote!

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