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Why you should choose a local car insurance agency

At Affordable Insurance, we recognize that some people consider insurance agencies no longer necessary for affordable insurance and high-quality coverage because of modern technological and communication advances. Non-local companies insist that consumers can receive the same care and consideration as they would through an in-person agent when seeking answers and submitting claims over the phone or internet. These statements ignore the facts:

  • A local agency is made up of your neighbors who care about their community and their reputation in it. Unlike strangers, they’re always going to work extra hard to advocate for you. They can also be trusted with private, perhaps even embarrassing, details in the middle of an emergency without the information spreading online.
  • When you work with a local agency, you’re not dealing with inhuman chatbots and algorithms that non-local companies rely upon to answer customer questions. Instead, real people can address your questions about unique, one-of-a-kind situations in a custom manner.
  • Local agents maintain face-to-face office hours. You won’t have to deal with long phone trees and transfers to foreign call centers that are popular with non-local companies.

Our team has provided caring insurance-related support to nearby residents for more than 25 years. We are your neighbors. We know how important it is to have a trusted local insurance team when emergencies happen. We also work hard toward our goal to establish strong bonds with members of the community for years and generations to come. Call today to speak with real people who care about your auto, motorcycle, home or other insurance needs.

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