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Three ways to save money on home insurance

Many homeowners don’t realize that they can save money on their insurance premiums through a variety of special discounts. They only need to make a few home and policy changes to take advantage of these discounts. Consider the following ways to save money:

– Safety additions: Any type of security improvements that reduce the risk of theft and home invasions, such as cameras, motion detectors and remote monitoring systems, can trigger in a policy discount.

– Green planning: Homeowners also typically receive a discount for green additions, such as energy- and water-efficient appliances and devices, sustainable building materials and any other green improvements that make a home healthier and increase its value.

– Bundled plans: Any time a policyholder picks more than one insurance product or service, they create a bundled product situation that usually results in a discount.

Homeowners and renters in Aurora, Colorado, never have to face outrageous premiums when working with the experienced team at Affordable Insurance. Our insurance professionals know that every dollar matters and make certain that policyholders acquire the coverage that they need at the best possible price.

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